Samsung's Sexy Printers to be Sold Exclusively at Sexy Apple Stores

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Samsung's sexy printers, launched earlier this month at IFA, are to be sold exclusively in Apple stores. The ML1630 and SCX-4500, (above) costing $199 and $299 respectively, will be available at both online and physical stores until January 2008, when they will be available from other retailers. Press release is below.


EW SLEEK, ULTRA-COMPACT SAMSUNG PRINTERS TO BE SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT APPLE RETAIL STORES World's most compact printers are both stylish and easy to use IRVINE, Calif., September 18, 2007- Samsung Electronics America, Inc., the world's second largest manufacturer of laser printers, today announced that its ultra-compact monochrome laser printer, the ML-1630, and multifunction printer, the SCX-4500, will be available exclusively at Apple Retail Stores nationwide and online at These two new printers are perfect products for consumers who value both style and functionality. The devices - which are two-thirds the size of traditional laser printers - feature high-glossy and seamless exteriors that create a truly ultra-minimalist design. Samsung's new, innovative laser printers meet consumer demand for reliable electronics that aesthetically harmonize with any office or home environment. The ML-1630 and the SCX-4500 will be sold exclusively at Apple Retail Stores until they are widely released in January 2008. "Samsung is consistently looking for opportunities to enrich and diversify the global printer market," said Jang-jae Lee, Senior Vice President of the Digital Printing Division, Samsung Electronics. "In turn, we are thrilled to team up with Apple, a true leader in its field, for the U.S. release of our newest printers. The ML-1630 and the SCX-4500 include button-less touch-sensor panels that reduce the user interface. Plus audible alerts and blue LED scan-process indicators ensure that the devices are extremely user-friendly. "Among electronic products, printers are very complex and sophisticated," said Jun Won Bae, Senior Designer, at Digital Printing Division of Samsung Electronics. "In turn, we wanted to create a printer with a simple exterior design that would serve as a counterbalance to its interior complexity." "Samsung has taken the printer - which is often considered as an add-on device - to an entirely new level of artistic refinement," Lee added. "These days, consumers are looking for products that are not only functional, but that also reflect their own personal styles." Samsung's new printers will available at Apple Retail Stores and MSRP is $299 for the SCX-4500 and $199 for the ML-1630.



My question is this, is the print quality as nice as the printer looks. I really don't care about print speeds, but I do care about two things. One, the quality of the print. Two, page count. My history with pretty gadgets is that they're nice to look at, and that is it. Seeing that they're laser printers should mean they produce decent quality documents. However, if I'm replacing toner and a drum every two weeks to a month, this printer is worthless to me.