Samsung's Smart Bike Uses Your Phone to Keep You Safe

Illustration for article titled Samsung's Smart Bike Uses Your Phone to Keep You Safe

Samsung has teamed up with Giovanni Pelizzoli—an amazingly talented frame builder—to create a bike which uses a smartphone, combined with onboard sensors and devices, to try and keep you safe.


Unveiled at a show in Milan, the bicycle is centered around a curved frame which is designed to reduce the road buzz that gnarly city streets can create. Tucked away within that frame is a raft of technology, though. There are four laser beams to create a personal bike lane on the road at night; an integrated GPS system; even a rearview camera. An Arduino ties all this together, and spews it out to handlebar-mounted device to show directions, say, or the feed from the rear view camera.

It's not clear that the bicycle will go into full-scale production yet. If you like the styling of the bicycle, though, check out Vanmoof's modern take on the Dutch bicycle. [Samsung Maestros via Design Boom]



Does a helmet and paying attention come with the package?