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Google, Earthlink and the City of San Francisco have agreed to a 4-year deal to blanket the city in WiFi. Earthlink will build the $14-17 million system, and they'll earn their cash back by charging $21.95 a month for a connection boosted to 3-4 times the speed of the free service. Google will sell ads to subsidize it all. Good job, Mayor Newsom โ€” But how are your homeless?

This agreement to bring free universal wireless internet access to San Francisco is a critical step in bridging the digital divide that separates too many communities from the enormous benefits of technology.


In response to this statement, hundreds of winos peppering the sidewalks shrug their dusty shoulders with indifference, and take steamy dumps in tenderloin alleyways. The city will reap 5% of the revenue, which projects to the sum of $300k a year.

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