San Francisco, Your WiMax Cometh Next Week

In time for the onslaught of freshly-purchased Evos and Instincts, Sprint is giving life to San Francisco's 4G WiMax network next week on December 28. This also includes support for surrounding cities, including Oakland and the Silicon Valley. Sprint had previously said it would rollout 4G in support before the end of 2010. Promise upheld. [Sprint via Boy Genius]

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so uh. is it "up" in L.A. yet?

i've been using WiMax for a while now, but I was lucky to be working in an area where it was still testing, but I seriously cant tell the difference nowadays when it's supposedly city-wide now.

i thought maybe i'd be seeing it in more places where it wasnt available before and/or have better 4G signals, but newp.