SanDisk Buys MusicGremlin; Revisits Wi-Fi Music Player Thing

Today SanDisk announced it would acquire the company that developed the chunky MusicGremlin Wi-Fi MP3 player, a device that made a smallish splash a few years ago for being the Zune before there was a Zune.

SanDisk itself has tried the Wi-Fi thing before with Sansa Connect (itself an acquisition), but that fell short of brilliance. We're thinking maybe this is their attempt to get it right on the second try.

We wish them luck, but since Microsoft's millions haven't been able to get the thing sorted out, and Apple's Wi-Fi Music Store has been little more than a press release, we're not certain there's a tree to bark up here. OK, that's pessimistic—the other half of me says the world is waiting for a killer app. Welcome to the... whatever. [SanDisk]


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