Sanyo Announces Two MP3 Voice Recorders

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Sanyo has introduced the latest additions to its Diply line of voice recorders, and both have a rather odd look with their stalk-like external microphones attached up top. The behemoth of the bunch is the ICR-S340RM (left), which holds a gigabyte worth of sounds—that's good for 140 hours of voice recording. If that's not enough, it also has a miniSD card slot.

Then there's the little brother of the duo, the ICR-S270RM, which holds 512MB but lacks that removable storage capability. Both units can store either voice or music MP3s or WMAs, although they both record using the MP3 format. And look, sprouting out the back is a USB 2.0 plug, letting you jack them directly into your computer. Available March 10, the larger model will cost $280, the smaller $170. Talk on.


Sanyo Diply Talk Voice Recorders and MP3 players [New Launches]

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