Sanyo's New Xacti Cams Ditch the AVCHD, Keep Getting Slimmer and Slimmer

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Take your pick as to what's better about these new Sanyo Xacti cams: On the one hand, they're thinner and lighter than ever. On the other hand, they got rid of that pain-in-the-ass AVCHD video format.

Slashgear says the bigger Xacti, the VPC- SH1 has 1080p recording, a 35mm wide-angle lens, 30x optical zoom and takes 4 megapixel photos. The taller Xacti model, the VPC-CS1 also records 1080p, but only has 10x zoom and takes 3 megapixel stills. It is, however, only an inch thick.


Both models have a zoom mic that hones in on the area you're zooming into, image stabilization, face tracking and SDXC compatibility. Both cameras will be available in February with the SH1 selling for $400 and the CS1 selling for $300. [Slashgear]