Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 3 Would Have Featured A Surprising Comeback

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles producer (and io9 guest-blogger) Josh Friedman has been tight-lipped about what would have happened in the show's third season. But star Thomas Dekker has spilled some info, and it sounds pretty amazing. Hypothetical spoilers below...

So if you're as obsessed with the Sarah Connor Chronicles as I am, you'll remember the season ended with John Connor having jumped forward in time to a future where nobody knows him. He left his mom, Sarah Connor, behind in the past. But Dekker hints that John might have met a future version of Sarah, who miraculously survived past Judgment Day. At least, Dekker says there are two possibilities: that Sarah's dead in the future, or that there's an older Sarah running around. And Dekker says Friedman told him it was "the more interesting of the two to me." (It's just barely possible that Dekker finds the idea that Sarah's dead in the future more interesting. But it seems a bit unlikely.)


Also, Dekker says John would have been torn between Alison, the flesh-and-blood person whose body the Terminator called Cameron was based on, and the actual robot Cameron, whose chip was taken to the future by the A.I. called John Henry. (Here's where it gets a bit complicated. John Henry has Cameron's chip, not her body, right? But is the Cameron "software" still running on that chip?) It would have been fascinating to see that play out.

But neither of those things is the most intriguing bombshell: Dekker also says a major character in season three would have been Danny Dyson, the son of the man who helped create Skynet in the first place. That would have been interesting because "it harkened back directly to the second film," says Dekker.


Oh, and Dekker says that if T:SCC were to continue, it would be as a direct-to-DVD movie, similar to the Stargate SG-1 films. But don't hold your breath:

Obviously it's difficult because the show is based on a movie and they just had one come out, so it's kind of hard to make a movie with our show because everyone has kind of forgotten about us. But they're hoping, at least when I spoke to [Producer] James Middleton that's where they are with it.


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