Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Her Buffy Days Are Behind Her

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Into every generation, a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. But then she grows up and decides to hang up her leather pants and leave the slaying to someone else.


It’s been nearly three years since we’ve heard any news on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot/not-a-reboot. The new take on the beloved series was announced in 2018, with Monica Owusu-Breen (Agents of SHIELD, Midnight, Texas) named showrunner. But TV’s original Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar has made one thing clear: her days of slaying are over.

Gellar guested on the On with Mario Lopez podcast and when asked about the possibility of her picking up the stake again, she said she’s a “Wee bit, how do they say, long in the tooth for that,” and “way too tired and cranky to put in that work again.” Girl, same.

After all, the show was “a metaphor for the horrors of adolescence,” she told the good Sir Slater. “I do think that story lends itself—it’d be interesting to see how a chosen one would deal with that. I don’t think it’s me, I don’t think I should be the one doing it.”

This comes as no surprise given her statement regarding Joss Whedon, and how completely done she is being associated with him. Additionally, when news of the reboot first dropped, the property was owned by 20th Century Fox and Whedon’s involvement was confirmed. We don’t yet know what effect the allegations against Whedon or its new ownership at Disney mean for the future of Buffy as we know it, but if the series finale taught us anything, the Slayer is far more than just one person.


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