Saturn's Harrowing Hurricane Is Even More Terrifying in Technicolor

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Not too long ago, NASA's Cassini spacecraft managed to get some awesome photos of Saturn's 1,250 mile-wide polar hurricane. It looked pretty intense in black and white, but this new colored version is one blood-red beauty.

Cassini shot the picture with special spectral filters that can detect the subtleties of wavelengths of near-infrared light. NASA then false-colored the vortex based on those tiny changes, invisible to the human eye. The result is this stunner, where the deep reds represent lower clouds, and the greens are ones that sit a bit higher.


Cassini showed up at Saturn in 2004, but pictures like this have only been possible recently now that Saturn's north pole is finally getting some sunlight. Makes the Weather Channel's Tweet Tornado look like a breeze, doesn't it? [NASA]