Saudi Arabia to Ban BlackBerry Services This Friday

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Bad luck to those in Saudi Arabia who were planning on getting full use from the new BlackBerry Torch—they've hop-skipped-and-jumped their way to the front of the BlackBerry data services ban, ruining BBMers' lives from this Friday.


It's almost like Saudi Arabia thinks this is a race, as the UAE had only just announced they'd be switching off BlackBerry services from October 11th, including BBM, email and web-browsing services.

RIM's products are seen as a threat to national security, due to the fact that all data is stored overseas, thus making it very difficult for officials to check up on residents' communication. Hilariously, though, Reuters was told by RIM's Chief Technology Officer David Yach that he believes "they'll have trouble pulling the trigger to shut down BlackBerry...Most governments in the world rely on BlackBerry."

Perhaps BlackBerry can convince 'Berry-fanboy Barack Obama to have a few quite words in the ears of UAE and Saudi Arabian officials. [Reuters]



Bassem B.

Over here in Lebanon the govt seems to be jumping on the bandwagon as well, as a proposal to ban BB service was mentioned on the news yesterday. Blackberries had just started to get popular here with the text-crazed consumers. Let's see what happens.