Scenes From Scotland From The End Of The World

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The urban explorers of Abandoned Scotland have quietly and assiduously documented those derelict locations in the northern climes where human presence has receded. Their videos and photography will take you millennia into the future, when we've all (hopefully) moved to the New Edinburgh Ringworld.


You can see many more of these sleekly assembled urbex videos over at Abandoned Scotland's YouTube page and Flickr Collection.

Top photo via Bora Horza.

Loudoun Castle Theme Park. Photos here.

The Glasgow Botanic Gardens Subway Station. Photos here.

Polphail Village. Photos here.

Firs Park Stadium, has been unused since 2008. Photos here.

The Glenfarg Tunnels. Photos here.

Arrochar Torpedo Testing Station. Photos here.

[Spotted on I Heart Chaos]


Discodave: R.O.A.C.H. M.O.T.E.L.

I've been into the underground station a couple of times (somebody else had broken the padlock, I hasten to add) - the tunnel floor is very uneven, so bring a torch. Also, expect rather worrying graffiti to loom out at you as you walk along...