Illustration for article titled Scent-Emitting LCD Display is Just Asking for Misuse

One would think that if a restaurant wanted to lure people inside with the smells of delicious food, they would do so by cooking delicious food. Not necessarily! In Tokyo, a company called Recruit Co. Ltd. is using scent-emitting LCD displays to entice people into eating at restaurants in the mall under Tokyo Station.


Essentially, it's a 42-inch display that spurts out different scents as different advertisements play, luring people to come grab a flyer to lead them to the restaurant in question. This seems strange to me. And while yeah, I'm sure a screen puffing out clouds of ramen-scented gas is going to make me hungry, can't you see the slippery slope this puts us on? I don't want to have hackers take over these things and make all of Tokyo Station smell like farts or a locker room. Scent terrorism is knocking at our door, and we have to be vigilant at not answering. Stay strong, Japan. [Far East Gizmos via Oh Gizmo!]

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