School to Change Its Name to Steve Jobs

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Move on Lenin. Steve Jobs is in town. The town of Plovdiv, the second largest city of Bulgaria. There, kids want to change the name of their technical school from Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to Steve Jobs.


The technical school is specialized in electronics and it's now approaching its 50th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, they want to delete Lenin's name from the school door and change it to someone else. You know, someone else who is not the symbol of the bloody bastards who oppressed Bulgarians since the end of World War II. They are now voting to pick the new name.

The forerunner at this time is Steve Jobs, by a wide margin. Some people think it has to be a Bulgarian scientist. As much as I admire Jobs, I agree. I would vote for John Vincent Atanasoff, the guy who invented the first automatic electronic digital computer. He wasn't born in Bulgaria, but his father was a Bulgarian immigrant.

If they pick Jobs, however, I hope they install a giant, Soviet-style bronze statue of him holding the original Mac on the school grounds. [Novinite]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

So tomorrow this will be called the best school in the world, but they only offer one major and the tuition is expensive as shit. Additionally, the campus looks beautiful and everything runs smoothly; however, the actual education part doesn't work.