Science Fiction's Best Editors Are Tweeting You Some Recommendations

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We’re living in a new ‘golden age’ of short science fiction. Fear not: there’s a new Twitter feed, curated by some of the genre’s top editors, recommending the best new SF: SFEditor Picks.


The editors behind the account are Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Paula Guran, Rich Horton, Steve Berman, Neil Clarke, Liz Grzyb, Michael Kelly, Alisa Krasnostein and Jonathan Strahan, some of the best editors currently curating short fiction in the genre right now.

Strahan tells io9, “The idea behind the service is simple. I’ve reached out to any editor who currently edits a ‘year’s best’ annual and invited them to provide recommendations on new stories to readers. More editors will be added soon.” He adds that they’re recommending science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.

There’s no summaries, explanations or reviews here: just the name of the story, the author and where you can find it. (As well as the editor making the recommendation.) This looks like it’ll be an indispensable resource for hearing about the best short stories being published now.

UPDATE: If you’re not on Twitter, you can also follow along on Facebook.

UPDATE #2: Added the full list of editors, plus a quote from Strahan.

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Serious Business

A few years back, a fantasy novelist I adore asked people to try subscribing to a fiction magazine in order to support the market. She talked about how important it was for authors to have a place to get credibility with audiences, and publishing credentials for when they want to eventually land an agent. She also said you’d get to read some great stories.

I took her advice and subscribed to Asimov’s SF, because I think SF lends itself awesomely to the short story format. Just enough space to explore the amazing central idea, and dispensing with pumping it full of hot air for hundreds of pages. Lucky me, I can take a look at some of the stories listed by the editors here that I may have overlooked.

I urge the rest of you to subscribe as well. It’s so easy now that we all have Ipads, to carry your magazines everywhere you go. When you are waiting for your friend to arrive at the restaurant, you can easily pull it out and just start a story. Yeah, Candy Crush is fun, but it will leave you feeling empty. Ditto for whatever your aunt is tweeting.

Don’t treat reading like homework. You don’t have to read every story in the magazine. You don’t have to finish a story that isn’t interesting you. But if you want to have a rich mind, then reading SF will nourish it immeasurably.

Also Andrew, can I be ungreyed? You can always send me back to the grey pit if I misbehave.