Science Has Created the Hardest Tongue Twister Known to Man

Bad news for the seashell sellers and pepper picklers among us; you've officially been de-throned. MIT researchers have found the hardest, most frustrating tongue twister to ever grace our lips: "Pad kid poured curd pulled cold." Oy.

Before they could come up with such tongue-numbing verbiage, though, the researchers spent hours upon hours pouring through recordings of misspoken sounds and analyzing what they heard. The results? It's not one sound or another that's inherently difficult to say; rather, it's the transition from one sound to the next that causes our tongues to stumble and freeze up.

One of the most common trip-ups was the participants' tendency to replace one sound with another in instances where two words required the same general elocution. In these cases, "toy boat" would turn into "toy boyt," and "top cop" would become into "cop cop." As soon as all the data had been collected and the monster tongue twister arranged, the scientists tested their work out on a group of poor, innocent souls only to find that most of them would clam up and stop speaking altogether.


And sure, it might be easy to scoff at the participants weak tongues from afar, but try it out for yourself. We're betting you won't make it past the fourth word.

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Saying "Toy Boat" three times quickly is still harder.