Scrambling Eggs Inside Their Shells to Make Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs Looks So Fun

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Here's a fun little cooking trick for you to try: scramble eggs inside its shell so that you can make scrambled hard boiled eggs. Meaning the entire egg will be perfectly golden all around. Delicious!

All it requires is a long sleeve T-shirt (or pair of stockings, etc.) and two rubber bands (or rope, etc.). Just tie up the egg so it sits safely inside the sleeve and wind it up while pulling. You're basically shaking the living snuff out of the egg so it all mixes gloriously. WonderHowTo says an easy way to tell if you've shaken the egg enough is to take it to a dark room and light it up with a flashlight.


What you want is the egg to look red under the light. If it's still yellow, it's not scrambled enough. I'm trying this tomorrow morning! [Nighthawkinlight]