SE Xperia Phones Might Not Use Windows

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In a small blow to Microsoft's smartphone market dreams, Sony Ericsson has refused to confirm that their spanking new Xperia line will continue shacking up with the Windows Mobile platform. The heartless cad of a company insisted that it not commit to any specific operating system, presumably because it'd be doing the world a disservice if it allowed itself to be tied down. Hmm, sounds like some of the dudes I've dated. What are the chances M'soft will also have to shoulder hysterical 3am phone calls begging for a second chance at making the relationship work? [Reuters]


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Hmm, Sony really has a knack for boning themselves lately. What other options are there? iPhone OS? Not gonna happen. Android? Possible, but an unproven OS. Simbian? Would Nokia even entertain the idea? Possibly some form of Sony developed linux, but Sony is very hit and miss with software (mostly miss).

Yeah, sound like a great idea, by all means, full steam ahead!