Sea Lion Pup, Too Pure For This World, Born at National Zoo

Look at its eyes! Image: Smithsonian’s National Zoo
Look at its eyes! Image: Smithsonian’s National Zoo

This post was very difficult to write. Every time I managed to get a few words on the page, I would start making ridiculous noises. Look at its little flippers! Its face! Those large eyes!

It was announced that on Sunday, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo welcomed a new California sea lion pup into the world, the first in 32 years. It has a wuvable widdle head.

The 11-year-old mother, Calli, is currently bonding with her new pup, which seems to be “nursing, moving, and vocalizing well,” according to zoo officials. Since mama and pup are being left alone for now, it’ll be a while before officials can determine the pup’s sex.


Visitors to the zoo sadly won’t be able to see the new pup for a while, as both will remain off-exhibit until the time is right to introduce it to the colony, which includes three other adult sea lions. Officials are expecting that to happen later this summer.

Jetty, the father, will be introduced later since males are typically absent immediately following breeding season in the wild.

In the meantime, we can all make heart eyes at this new family. LOOK AT THEM.


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You realize that “too pure for this world” implies that it died, right? AND then you lead off with “This post was very difficult to write.”