Seagate: 1TB iPods Possible in 2014

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Ok, I admit it, the iPod part was just the shameless hook. But that doesn't make the possibility any less true.

According to Seagate's projections on hard drive capacity:

[We show] a 2.5-inch drive reaching 1TB by 2013. Using that calculation and assuming 40% growth stays as the annual growth rate, a 1.8-inch would reach 1TB by 2014.


On one hand 1TB seems so close, but maybe Seagate would be a bit more inclined if they knew just how many Cher CDs Brian Lam* has in his closet.

Disclaimer: I am not fully apprised as to the specific listening habits of Brian Lam, but I am sure that they are perfect...whatever that/keeping my job may entail. It can be Cher, even. We're not judging here—at least not vocally.


When Will We Have Pocket-Sized TB [gearlog]

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