Seagate Confirms 3TB HD Coming Later This Year

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Seagate's senior product manager Barbara Craig confirmed rumors that the company will be releasing a monster 3TB drive later this year. That's a lot of disk space! But sorry XP users, the drive will require a 64-bit OS.


The 3TB jump isn't coming without its difficulties—the current LBA (logical block addressing) standard, set in the storage space Stone Age of 1980, only supports capacities up to 2.1TB. Craig said that the drive's full, awesome power will only be accessible with 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista, as well as some modified versions of Linux.

Thinq's talk with Craig spells out the various technological challenges of creating so massive a drive in greater detail, but I applaud Seagate's determination to go big, rather than going home. Craig only said to expect an announcement "later this year," which should give you plenty of time to start hoarding any and every file you can find. [Thinq]

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I think HD makers should take the focus off of space and move to speed at this point. I know growing space is always crucial, but with the movement to more cloud computing and storage, I think most people will be fine with far less than 2TB, and people not okay with 2TB, are usually savvy enough to install a second drive.

Speed is the issue people, speed! Its like the camera industry finally moving out of the joke that is the megapixel race, and moving onto things like better low light shooting.