Seagate Fires Back with 2TB Constellation Drive

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Western Digital may have announced the world's first 2TB 3.5" hard drive last week, but this week, Seagate fired back with a 2TB model of their own.


Seagate's 2TB constellation drive, expected this September, is mainly exciting because it runs at a full 7200RPM while Western Digital's model operates at an eco-friendly, undisclosed speed. Given that as hard drives get more storage it only takes longer for systems to seek out their data, speed is an especially important point. Then again, Western Digital's model is out now for $300. We'll be curious what Seagate's fatty Constellation goes for when it arrives later this year. [Seagate via PCMag]



hope they dont screw up their Constellation as they did with their Barracuda drivers..

but wait... users wont buy their drives after their whole screwup with barracuda....