SeamlessWeb App Is Here To Feed Lazy Android Users

I'm not sure Giz's Sam Biddle would ever eat if not for SeamlessWeb, the web-based food delivery service. He just had a sandwich delivered and it's only like 8:45am. Sick. Anywho, SeamlessWeb is now available as a free Android app.

Fire up SeamlessWeb on your Android phone and it'll use GPS to find delivery-friendly restaurants nearby. Then you can check out restaurant ratings, cruise through menus, and place your order for delivery. If you want to order a meal you've ordered through the app recently, you can access those with a few quick taps, but that's getting into depressing techno-future press-a-button-and-get-fed territory.


SeamlessWeb is available in 14 cities and the app is now available for free in the Android market. Go forth and nosh. [Mashable]

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