Search for Missing Remote Ends in House Fire

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Click to view A lost remote control is an annoyance. A house fire is a tragedy. A 19-year-old near Cleveland turned the former into the latter when he used a lighter to search under his bed for a missing remote.


Karen Rhine's 19-year-old son was using a lighter to look under a bed in their Medina, Ohio home when he accidentally set the mattress ablaze. Within moments, flames had engulfed the whole room.

The family opened doors and windows as they evacuated the house, hoping to control smoke damage. This, however, just had the effect of feeding the fire with oxygen, effectively turning "the whole house into a chimney," according to the local police chief. Though the family made it outside, their three dogs perished in the blaze. This is why you let your kids either watch TV or smoke cigarettes but never both. [Fox8]

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t('-'t)....The Unpronounceable (KTope)

I'm baffled. If he was using the lighter to see, that means he was looking right at it. So...he started a piece of fabric on fire while looking right at it, and couldn't put it out before it spread?

How is this possible? It's not like it was soaked in lighter fluid. I've lit plenty of things on fire in my life, and I know for a fact that I can take a lighter to my bed and be able to slap the flame into submission immediately.