Search Teams Identify Debris, Bodies and Passenger Belongings From Flight MS804

Following a full day of searches, military teams have announced that they have found debris, bodies and passenger belongings from the missing flight MS804 that crashed into the sea yesterday.


The Guardian reports that debris and belongings were found by Egyptian military teams in the Mediterranean sea, around 180 miles north of Alexandria. Meanwhile, the Greek Ministry of Defence has told Times journalist Anthee Carassava that bodies have also been found in the area. Search teams are now said to be sweeping the sea in order to locate the airplane’s black box.

The aircraft crashed into the sea early Thursday. Flight MS804 left Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Wednesday at 23:09 local time and was scheduled to arrive in Cairo at around 03:00 local time. Radar contact was lost with the airplane at 2:30 Cairo time, when it was flying at 37,000ft. Aboard the airplane were 56 passengers, seven crew members and three security personnel.

The cause of the crash is so far unknown. If found, the black box will shed light on what happened.


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