Second Gates-Seinfeld Ad Shows They're Very Rich, Unlike Us

Remember that first Seinfeld-and-Gates adventure into Shoe Circus, which alluded to something about Windows being "soft and chewy and delicious?" Well, the new Laural and Hardy of ambiguous advertising have a new spot out and it's... making fun of your average scalloped potato-eating, leather giraffe from Cabo-buying, grumpy Grandma-having Suburban family. The incredibly rich duo try to connect on a "normal people" level and kind of fail utterly. Like Windows Vista. I think.

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The ad aired on September 11 on CBS' "Big Brother" reality show. It's funnier than the first and you get to see Jerry clip his toenails and Bill do the robot, but as a Windows user, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to think about this. "Looks like Macs aren't the only thing catering specifically to East and West coast elitists?" [ZDNet]



I could be wrong, but I think they're just trying to build an interest in the commercials. The Mac/PC ads were so popular (because of the hilarious John Hodgman) that people looked forward to seeing them, actually went online and watched them at the apple web page. I mean, making ads people search for is a feat. Jumping straight into the "vista is great" dialogue seems like it would turn viewers away and feel like a rip-off of the Mac/PC ads.