Second-Gen Looxcie Wearable Headset Adds iCloud Support

Illustration for article titled Second-Gen Looxcie Wearable Headset Adds iCloud Support

Like the wearable headset from last year, the Looxcie 2 streams video-clips over Bluetooth, controllable by an Android or iOS app. You can now share videos with iCloud though, as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


This model's 20 per cent lighter, and can hold up to 10 hours' video—that's an increase over the original model's four hours. Once it hits 10 hours' video, it starts deleting the older-recorded stuff, so you'll be wanting to make sure you take advantage of the new iCloud support, so you can dump the footage in the cloud, or share to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. If a call comes in while you're recording, it also doubles up as a Bluetooth headset.


Video resolution is still only 480p unfortunately, with the clips stored in MP4 format. There are two models of the Looxcie 2, with the 8GB one costing $199, and the 4GB one $179, and relevant apps on both Android and iOS for controlling the headsets with. [Looxcie via SlashGear]

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I like, but I think it needs a laser button on it to make sure it is pointing at the right place..

Nothing like walking around and only seeing the sky and the tops of heads for a few hours.