Security Camcorder Clock: Motion Activated, Only Records Fast Sex By Default

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Although this Security Camcorder Clock won't transmit video over power lines and is not water-proof like the WiLife Spy Cam, it can be activated when it detects any movement to record 320 x 240 pixel full motion video files AVI files. Then, these files can be transferred to your computer using the included USB cable.

The only bad thing is that this $180 spy gadget will only record 12 minutes with its built-in 64 memory, so whatever security thing you have to record, you better do it fast. Fortunately, it has an SD slot, so you can buy 4GB card and record enough material to open your own homegrown porn video site.


Product page [Skymall via Uberreview]

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I bought one of these back in - well, I ORDERED one back in February. 8-day shipping, they promised - 2 weeks later I start calling. To cut longish story short, I finally got it, postmarked the DAY AFTER I began calling...

Skymall sucks rocks! I'd be writing this elsewhere but every other place I check (like ePinions) already has a goodly file on them... I'd have ordered from [] but they've showed the clock as out-of-stock for months. And I can't find anything else in the price range (it was almost $500 until recently)

Fortunately the clock itself works well enough - motion sensitivity as-advertised, decent indoor light performance. No sound, but that's no biggie. And yes, it chokes on anything above (I think) a 512-meg card. Just try to find someplace else to get it!

(hint - I hope to resell mine on eBay sometime later this year...)