See a church standing on its head

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The somewhat controversially-titled(?) Device to Root Out Evil is a structure in Vancouver, Canada. Dennis Oppenheim's upside down church was kicked out of New York and Stanford before it came to rest up north. [Via Unusual Architecture.]



I don't understand the controversy here, truthfully. I would have liked it if the article had gone a little bit more in-depth on that part.

I can understand the argument that, as the church is upside-down, it's representing an anti-church, and that anti-church (atheism) is a device to root out evil, but...that's not really what this says to me.

I think that you could argue that because of the positioning, the church is "digging" out evil, like cutting out a cancer.

Or that the unfinished nature of the church is a call for everyone else to finish the work of the church.

I dunno, I just think that this could be interpreted in so many different ways that there's nothing to get up in arms about.