See How One Batman V. Superman Scene Resembles The Dark Knight Returns

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We've already seen that Batman V. Superman has been filming an iconic Batman scene. But while it's a moment we've seen on film time and again, the latest set photos show how closely this version will resemble a scene in Frank Miller's comic The Dark Knight Returns. Mild spoilers ahead.


Yes, it's another instance of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murders, which we just witnessed yet again on Gotham. But this pair of albums, collected at Comic Book Movie, suggest that we are getting a more Miller-inspired take on the death of Bruce Wayne's parents. In addition to the Waynes coming out of a showing of The Mark of Zorro, it looks like young Bruce is getting into position to ape Zorro's swordplay.

Also, perhaps folks with sharper eyes than mine can weigh in on this: is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne? He's been rumored for the role for some time.

The scene from The Dark Knight Returns:


Ann Hiro

You know what's making me really anxious about this movie?

It's basically just The Dark Knight Returns, which doesn't paint a good picture of Superman because Frank Miller doesn't really get Superman. And it makes no sense after how the relationship between Uncle Sam and Supes is portrayed in MoS...


This is still supposed to be the sequel to a Superman movie right?