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See-Through Toaster

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We take our toast seriously. In a device where so many things can go wrong in such a short period of time, we have a lot of patience for those developing the perfect bread carbonizer. Sternform graces us with their lamp-like Toaster, which they sell using the power of personification:

A toaster made out of glass, which celebrates toasting in a glowing and shining way that makes us look forward to enjoy a fresh piece of toast. At work, he shows himself and at the same time he explains how he works. He neither hides the bread, nor its preparation. In this way it is possible to receive him as an idyllic little light. He stages the bread and the way it gets toasted, which is accompanied by warm light and a tempting aroma.


Everytime its bell rings, an angel eats some toast.

Product Page (Scroll Right) [Sternform via I4U]

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