Seed-Filled Caps Turn Plastic Bottles Into Tiny Gardens

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If you're looking for a more profitable way to recycle your empty plastic water bottles, forget about taking them to the curb every week. As long as your home gets a few drops of sunshine every day, you can turn them into tiny productive gardens with these Petomato bottle caps.

Using them is not quite as easy as starting a garden in your backyard that simply requires you to drop seeds into soil and add water. The Petomato kits, which let you grow everything from hot peppers to cherry tomatoes, require you to change the bottle's water every week, mix in fertilizer, stay on top of pruning, and even take care of pollination.


It's a lot of responsibility, but if you're lacking a backyard or even a balcony, this might actually be the most reliable way to grow a vegetable garden with just a sun-filled window. The kits are just $15 each, and if fruitful, could end up paying for themselves over a season. As for the video promoting the Petomato? Well, that's priceless—as you can see below. [Petomato via The Red Ferret Journal]