Seeing a gun fire at 73,000 FPS is absolutely definitely the most incredible thing

Wow. Ten thousand wows couldn’t even begin to explain how much amazement and pure jaw dropping wonder that I’m feeling after seeing a gun fire off a shot at 73,000 frames per second. We’ve seen bullets and other guns get shot in slow motion before but not anything like this, the visible force and pressure and explosion and dance of fire and ghost of a bullet trail and mini mushroom cloud that we get to see is just simply incredible. The detail, man.

The footage was taken by the always wonderful folks at Mythbusters. Adam Savage might have been more stunned than me and that dude has seen everything.


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I did not realize how long, in subjective time, it takes for the slide to unlock on the M1911. The bullet is already long gone. John Browning was an absolute freaking firearms genius