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Seeing New York City in Ridiculous 8K Is Pretty Sweet

I love New York City. I live here, so I’m biased. You might hate New York, and think it sucks, and think it’s dirty, and think people who live in New York talk about New York way too damn much. That’s fine. You’re actually more right than you know. But even you should be able to enjoy this fine video of New York City in glorious 8K. It’s every important landmark, building, bridge, cityscape, and thing you’ve seen a thousand times before in stupid TV shows and movies set in New York, painted with the most beautiful pixels I’ve ever seen.


But then again, I’m totally biased. The very lovely 8K footage was taken by Kyoung Sop Choi during his time in New York. I don’t think I’ve seen the city visualized in so many colors until his video.

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Aristarco Palacios

Yeah but have you seen it in an 8K... Quantum Dot display? Huh? Huh?

Yeah, me neither... XD