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Seeing the Aurora Borealis' Reflection on Water Is So Cool

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I was going to say my New Year’s resolution (and everyone who’s able) should be to see the Northern Lights in person but I’m not sure seeing them with my own eyes can actually top the electric timelapses and stunning low light photography of them. This one by AD Photography shows the Aurora Borealis from Denmark and the orgy of dancing colors in the sky is just gorgeous. Seeing it bounce off the lake might be even better.

AD Photography writes:

The Danish perspective actually gives another dimension and experience to the northern lights. Since you see them from the edge of the storm, they offer the full spectrum of their colors, from green to purple and blue. They put on a great show as they advance towards you in a magical explosion, and rightfully so, because they actually look like curtains opening and closing on the Baltic scene.


I guess it’s better to let professional photographers wait hours on dark and cloudless nights for the perfect shots than to chase it ourselves, right?