Select PSPGo Games May Look Just Like iPhone Games

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According to an unconfirmed leak by PocketGamer, Sony will not only price downloadable PSPGo titles at prices competitive with the App Store—the company is actually recruiting iPhone developers to port their games to the Go.

Pocketgamer reports that at least some iPhone developers will have a place in Sony's PSN service where games will go for "1, 2 and 5 Euros" (or $1.50-$7). But It will take some fudging to port their titles from the iPhone's 480x320 display to the Go's 480x272 display.


If the rumor is true, hats off to Sony for updating their PSP business model to stay competitive with the long-convenient cellphone gaming industry. But at the same time, pricing across services could get a bit tricky. And if I'm offered a game at full resolution or an adjusted, lower resolution, I know which one I'm choosing. [PocketGamer via Kotaku]