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Self-Destructing SSDs Will Nuke Themselves If You Text Them a Code Word

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Losing a laptop full of personal files like family photos is upsetting, but losing a laptop full of private corporate info and trade secrets is instead downright terrifying. So when you absolutely can't risk misplaced data falling into the wrong hands, a GSM-equipped SSD drive that can remotely physically self-destruct guarantees the utmost of security and privacy.

As soon as you realize a laptop or other hardware with the SecureDrives SSD installed has gone missing, all you need to do is send a pre-defined text message to its unique cellular number and the drive will be immediately destroyed. And we're not talking a quick format to erase its contents either. The SSD's enclosure features built-in mechanisms that will physically destroy the flash memory chips inside, making the data completely unrecoverable.


But the drives include other failsafes for protecting your data if you're not able to send the self-destruct text, or don't realize the drive has gone missing. The SecureDrives SSDs can also be programmed to automatically self-destruct when disconnected from a SATAII connector, when the battery is low and someone is trying to circumvent the fail-safe mechanisms, when it's been shielded from a GSM signal for a set period of time, and even after a pre-determined series of finger taps detected through a motion sensor. And all of that works on top of 256-bit AES CBC hardware encryption protecting the actual data.


It goes without saying these drives will certainly cost far more than your standard SSD, including having to pay for the monthly worldwide GSM service. But if security is your number one priority, it sounds like they all but guarantee your precious data will be protected at all costs. [SecureDrives via The Red Ferret Journal]