Senate Pushes Bill to Ban Texting While Driving

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Though 14 states have already banned text messaging while driving, the Senate introduced a bill today that would essentially force the remaining states to pass a similar bill—despite there being no good way to enforce such a ban.


Several different teams have done research showing that texting while driving is at least as dangerous as drunk driving and significantly more dangerous than talking on the phone while driving. The most interesting conclusion found that someone texting while driving is about eight times more likely to cause an accident than someone not texting, while a driver with a blood alcohol percentage of 0.08%, the legal limit, is only four times more likely than a sober driver.

The bill would force each state's highway department to institute a ban on texting within two years, or lose 25% of their federal funding each year, which is enough to cripple a highway department. Some weren't thrilled, pointing out that nobody's figured a way to enforce this kind of law, but we'll have to see if the Senate passes the bill to find out if anyone has real objections. [NY Times]

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So, just to be clear...

Me texting while driving, not ok.

Cops driving around with a laptop mounted on their dashboards, yes please.