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If you have an Eye-Fi SD Card and an iPad, you can ditch Apple's iPad Camera Connection kit right now. Just use the app ShutterSnitch, which sends the photos on your Eye-Fi directly to your iPad (and iPhone).


It's a sorta roundabout way of getting things done, but it works. You'll need an Eye-Fi SD card, the ShutterSnitch app, a router (or mifi), and oh, an iPad and a camera. The router is needed because sadly, your iPad can't create its own Wi-Fi network.

Basically, you need to fix up a few settings in the Eye-Fi card and then you're off and snapping straight to the iPad. Other than beaming pictures straight to your iPad, you can create visual and audible alerts that'll warn you if something is awry (shutter speed, iso, etc. it's fully customizable). You'll even get basic editing and exporting functionality.

One annoying thing is that the iPad replaces whatever device you had as the wireless destination of your Eye-Fi. But hey, to be able to get pictures onto your iPad with no wires, no plastic white squares and little hassle? Worth it. Works with iPhone too. $7.99 [Eye-Fi, iTunes]


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