Sennheiser Launches Style Line Headphones

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Sennheiser no longer wants the iPod generation to settle for shoddy, horribly constructed headphones, so it's coming out with the Style Line, a line of headphones designed to, you guessed it, introduce "style" and decent sound to the usually underwhelming world of iPod-cenric headphones. There will initially be three members of the Style Line family, the MX 90 VC Style, the OMX 90 VC Style and the LX 90 Style. Just as with the rest of Sennheiser's headphones, users can expect above average sound quality and fairly sturdy construction.

The MX 90 VC Style are the Cadillac of the bunch, with a price of about $69.95. Its biggest "golly gee" feature is twist to fit, which allows users to adjust the shape so it easily—and comfortably!—fits inside the ear.


Next down the line is the OMX 90 VC Style, around $89.95. Aluminum bows allow easy height adjustment. Plus, there's a built-in volume control on the cable.

Finally, for the penny pinchers out, there's the LX 90 Style, $79.95. It comes with a self-configuring headband that makes for easy adjustment around your big egghead. Will these in-ear 'phones give some of the fancier boys a run for their money? Sennheiser certainly hopes so.


Product Page (Be warned: flash-heavy) [Sennheiser via Tech Digest]