Sennheiser's Colorful Cans Value Style as Much as Sound

Sennheiser is usually known for high-end audio quality and rather clunky design. That changed, a little, with its Momentum headphones—but now the act is smartened up even further with these colorful cans.

These over-the-ear headphones are smaller, neater version of the first Momentums—in fact, they pack the same audio innards. But just of much as a draw as the audio quality here is the design.


Sennheiser has clearly done its research here, picking out some of the big color trends of the moment for its new cans, which are available in pistachio, cream, blue and pink. Trimmed with Alcantara—the material that crops up in high-end sports cars and yachts—they are an absolute pleasure to look at. They'll be available later this month for $230.

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