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Sensodome is an experience. Not just a pretty, dome-shaped face, this "multisensory environment" has all kinds of surprises up it's, um, dome, bringing you aromatherapy, oxygen fortification, surround-sound audio, guided imagery, and even massage therapy in 10, 20, or 30 minute sessions.

Basically, it's built for public places—like an airport lounge, shopping center or convention center (I wouldn't mind taking a break in one of these during CES) and begins with a personalized blend of oxygen and essential oils which are supposed to give you access to certain sensations—you know, like Energize or Relax. You're then treated to an audio/video presentation of an arrangement called "Timeless" on a a 20" LCD panoramic video screen. Think mountains, valleys, oceans...same old shit.


Them comes the best part. Once you're all relaxed with the scents and the weird video, you get your massage. Which I hope makes it all worthwhile. There's also a self-service version which uses a PC, Internet connection and user interface with a joystick to get you in the mood. Obviously, you won't get the massage on this one, but should still be interesting.

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