Serenity LEGO set is now a reality

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Granted, it won't let you build the seven-foot-long Serenity masterpiece that graced this year's Brickfair, but this 2,186-piece custom Serenity unofficial LEGO set is shiny in its own right, letting you build a Firefly-class spaceship of your very own.


While this set, created by tbone_tbl, didn't win a coveted spot as one of LEGO's community-sourced CUUSOO, it is now available as an unofficial, unlicensed set. Sold for $385 by Etadyne Industries, the set comes with a light-up drive and builds a two-foot-long ship. And, while it's not minifig-scale, Etadyne does offer minifigs of the Serenity crew (sold separately), complete with Jayne's hat in plastic.

Top photo by tbone_tbl.

Firefly Serenity Playset [Etadyne Industries via The Brothers Brick]