Service for Agoraphobics Makes Trees Laugh

This is just about the most—erm...—intriguing set of design projects I've seen in a while. They showed three projects at the Royal College of Art show this year. First, pictured here, is a phone for autophobics, folks who are scared of being alone. The system allows them to talk to themselves so no one else can hear.

Then there's a service for agoraphobics, the folks who don't want to leave the house. They receive a special phone number and are connected with a random autophobic—two birds with one stone! Finally, there is a videophone trained on a stand of trees. When the trees shake, the agoraphobe hears them laugh. When they are still, they whisper. Go ahead and do what you want with that information.


Weird objects for weird users? [WMMNA]

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