Sex and Murder Permeate Dollhouse's Dark Second Season

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As the Dollhouse season premiere draws near, the show's cast and crew reveal new tidbits about the dark weirdness we'll be seeing in the second season. Expect mind-wiped romance, twisted sexuality, and the occasional murder.

E! Online spoke to several members of the Dollhouse cast and crew about what we can expect for the new season. Now that former FBI Agent Paul Ballard and increasingly self-aware Doll Echo will be in the same room each week, Tamoh Penikett says we'll be seeing a relationship form between the pair:

They have a connection. It's not a physical attraction, but I hope it's something that we explore a lot more this season. You're not quite sure what it is. There's a past, there's a history, there's an understanding between them that's very different. I think the audience is really going to like it and be really curious about where we're going in the first few episodes.


The romance is reserved for fellow Dolls Victor and Sierra, whose first season connection will continue to be a major plot point. Enver Gjokaj teases the Victor-Sierra subplot:

Sierra and Victor are definitely still involved. They're going to explore that relationship more. They explore the Sierra-and-Victor love as dolls, but then also they're going to go into the backstory of both of them.


But it's frequently sex and crime that make the Dollhouse itself tick, and Fran Kranz, who plays Topher Brink, promises there will be plenty of that:

Sexually dark stuff…murder…sex and murder.

Eliza Dushku also mentions that we should expect a somewhat different look to the series this season. She says that the show's "science fiction haze" has been lifted, so that the show may look more like it's set in the present day and give audiences the impression that there might be a Dollhouse right outside their back door.


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