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Shake Shack's newest burger is a surf and turf lobster and beef beauty

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

My, my, my. Shake Shack, unquestionably the best tasting burger chain on the face of planet Earth for people with discernible taste and half working tongues, is upping the decadence in its latest burger by going surf and turf. That is, they’re adding a beautifully buttery layer of lobster to their already perfect burger. I’m melting from the potential tongue seizure.

Sadly, it won’t be available at every Shake Shack. It’s a New England speciality burger, which makes sense since that’s where the lobsters come from but is so unfair for the rest of us. Shake Shack:

The Surf N’ Shack will be available at our New Haven, Westport, Newbury Street, Dedham, Harvard Square, and Chestnut Hill Shacks only. Please note that from 8/17-9/20, shellfish will be present at these Shacks. Although the shellfish will be processed on a separate surface, cross-contact is always possible.


I gotta go to Boston for this? Ugh.


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