Share Aware Lamps: The Greenest Way to Pick Fights at Home

Here's one way to raise energy consciousness: Share Aware lights are connected to each other by radio, and share a finite amount of energy. When you make one brighter, the others get proportionately dimmer, but dim yours, and the rest get brighter. I can't see any problem with that.

Oh wait, yes I can. Say I'm downstairs reading and my wife is upstairs reading, and I'm all like, damn, this light is too dim! And then she's like, no, my light is now too dim. Pretty soon you'll either have a strobe scenario to rival the heyday of Club MTV, or you'll have two people yelling at each other in the dark.


But maybe that's it, the point of Share Aware and the other Aware products conceived by designers Karin Ehrnberger and Loove Broms (not "Love Brooms") of the Interactive Institute in Sweden is to bring this sort of thing to our attention: We do all share a finite amount of electricity, whether our lightbulbs show it or not. Still doesn't change the fact that I would be labeled a "light hog" in no time. [Dezeen]

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