Shark Exorcist is a movie with something for everyone

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With Shark Exorcist, I think B-movie auteur Donald Farmer has finally hit the jackpot. After bringing us classics like Chainsaw Cheerleaders, An Erotic Vampire in Paris, and Vampire Cop, he's got a formula that has something in it for all the important audience segments: men, women, zombies, witches, bitchy goths, and even sharks. Right now, Shark Exorcist is still in production, but judging from the clips that Farmer has released, we're in for pure awesome.


First of all, what is this movie even about?

As the wise commentators at Undead Brainspasm note:

This Jaws meets The Exorcist hybrid begs a lot of questions, of course, and so far Farmer is keeping the details to himself — questions such as: is it about a priest who exorcises the demons from possessed sharks, or a shark who exorcises the demons from possessed swimmers? I guess we'll have to wait for 2012 to find out.

It sort of seems like it's about witches and evil, murderous goths, based on this clip.

But maybe it's about sharks who don't bite very hard, based on this clip.

And then there's the possession. Seriously, I couldn't be more excited for this flick. It's completely incoherent and fucked up in a glorious, Russ Meyer kind of way. And we haven't even gotten to the sharks or the exorcism yet! I really hope that there's a possessed shark. Or that our hero gets possessed by a shark! Or that the exorcist uses the power of sharks! I sense serious Sharktopus crossover potential. But only if Debbie Harry is in it, fighting Debbie Gibson. Exorcist vs. Shark! Debbie vs. Debbie! Oh man, time for a bong hit.

Thanks to Avery Guerra, for spotting this cinematic gem in the making.



Just checking ... in the second clip, did the shark bite her or punch her in the nose?