Sharp LED Lightbulbs Sets the White Point In Your Entire House

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Why change the camera white point when you can actually change the entire room white point and leave your camera fixed? OK, that doesn't make any sense at all, but you can do it with the new Sharp LED lamps.

Remote-controlled color-changing LED-baed lightbulbs are not new, but the 560-lumen Sharp DL-L60AV has a beautiful classic design and focus on only the white range, allowing you to change its temperature from eight different points.


As a bonus, these lights last for 40,000 hours, consume very little energy—only 4.1 or 7.5 watts, depending on the model—and doesn't attract insects:

These LED lamps emit almost no light in the 350-nm (ultraviolet) waveband that tends to attract insects, thus minimizing dirt and contamination of the lighting fixture from flying bugs and insects


Having experienced the mosquitos in NYC, I can really see that as a major selling point. [Sharp via Impress]