Sharper Image Suspends Gift Card Redemption

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As a result of Sharper Image's bankruptcy filing earlier this week, the company's decided to stop accepting gift cards until they can get their finances in order. That really sucks for you if you just received a Sharper Image gift card for Christmas '07, but it really sucks for people who returned merchandise and could only get store credit in the form of a card. What's even more unfortunate is the banner at the top of Sharper Image's press release site. Ouch. [Sharper Image via Consumerist]

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Buford T. Justice

Needless Markup didn't stop carrying most of the merchandise they used to to focus on own-branded crap like iPod docks and Chinese junk cellphones.

They started off and made it by carrying quality innovative stuff you couldn't easily find. Lots of that still exists, especially for people who don't have time to google-hunt things down.

For that matter, even the TSI branded stuff might've been more successful if it'd been higher quality. Look at Brookstone, they sell private-labelled chinese crap but at least THEIRS has been de-china-fied.

Sharper Image buyers must've simply run into a Shenzhen market, found some stuff that looked ok and had the factory stamp their name on it, then hauled ass back to the Peninsula so they didn't miss happy hour at Felix.